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 ZERO Hunt Fees- Questions & Answers 

ZERO Hunt Fees in Arizona!

As seen on ELK CAMP TV... Hunt the Big Bulls of Arizona with us.
Finances no longer stand in the way of an Arizona dream Elk Hunt!

Questions and Answers about the ZHF Program

Is this some sort of gimmick... What's the catch?
No this is not a gimmick or scam whatsoever.  Just ask the 5 ZERO Hunt Fees Members who drew high quality Arizona Elk Tags this year!  And yes, their Membership in the program covers their hunt fees! 
There truly is no catch- you join ZERO Hunt Fees and when you draw a tag, your hunt fees are covered. It's as simple as that!  Ask yourself if you would rather pay $5,000-$7,000+ for your elk hunt or let your ZERO Hunt Fees Membership cover that cost?  We think the answer is a no-brainer.

Do I have to be a Member for a certain amount of years before my guided hunt fees are covered?
No, you do not.  Your guided hunt fees are covered as soon as you join and make your first membership payment!  And it is possible to draw a tag on the first year that you are a member!  The sooner you join the more your yearly benefits will increase.
See benefit schedule here  So enrolling now is to your advantage!  Once you join there are no guide fees to pay- EVER!  All you do is keep your membership current and we take care of the rest!

Typically, how long will it take me to draw a tag?
That depends on several variables such as weapon choice, season dates, and your bonus point total.
The good news is that with the new change in the Arizona draw, it now makes it possible for a non resident to draw ANY hunt on any given year, regardless of whether you've applied before or not, or how many bonus points that you have.

Who will be guiding me when I draw my Arizona Elk Tag?
We team you with one of our local, professional, skilled, and hard working Guides to provide you with an exceptional hunt and experience.  You will not be "subbed out" to another guide service. See our Hunter Testimonials page to be confident in our ability to deliver on what we promise!
Who chooses what units I can apply for, or can I hunt anywhere I choose?
With this program we target many of the elk units that we specialize & guide in.  Our goal is to provide our members with an exceptional hunt when they do draw, so several hunt units are targeted. 
Can anyone sign up to be a ZHF Member?
Currently we are offering memberships to non residents of the state of Arizona. 

What happens if I decide to cancel or fail to pay my membership fees?
You may cancel your membership at any time from the program.  You are not "locked in" to the membership.  However, if you cancel or do not pay for membership fees, your guided hunt fees are no longer covered and no membership fees can be reimbursed.

Is this program the best option for a guided hunt for all individuals?
We truly believe that for any individual who cannot afford an all inclusive, Fully Outfitted Arizona Trophy Elk Hunt, that this program is an incredible value and opportunity.  Our goal with this program was to make a guided elk hunt a real possibility for anyone- not just those who are blessed enough to afford a large, lump sum guide fee. 

Couldn't someone just save the money for a hunt themselves rather than becoming a ZHF Member?
A person certainly could establish their own hunting fund with the intention of saving up enough money for a guided hunt.  The challenge with this approach is, what if you draw a tag before you've saved up enough money for the guided hunt?  The advantage of the ZHF program over self savings is that your hunt fees are totally covered starting from your very first year!

How are you able to offer this membership and service both ZERO Hunt Fees members and regular guided hunt clients?
Each year we have hunt openings that go unfilled.  This is due to our bookings being soley based on the Arizona draw results.  Since very few applicants are "guaranteed" to draw a tag, we may visit with many hunters who desire to book a hunt with us but don't draw a tag.  Because of this we are able to easily accommodate both members and regular guided clients who draw tags and offer both members and regular clients the same level of great service.

"The ZHF Program makes a Trophy Elk Hunt a Reality!"    

Click Here for Why You Should Join the ZHF Program Today


The information given above regarding the ZERO Hunt Fees Program is meant to be a general guideline for how the program works and the benefits offered.  For specific program terms, please contact us for membership details

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