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Hello Fellow Hunters, We know how frustrating it can be when you can't find your favorite elk hunting DVDs or Elk Calls at the store.  Well, we've solved your problem!  Free shipping on all our Extreme Series DVDs & Elk Calls! (On orders of $9.95 or more).  Now you can order from the comfort of home, pay the same or less than you would at the store, AND save your gas money.  It's our way of saying, "Thanks for supporting the Extreme DVDs & Calls." 

Good Hunting,

Steve Chappell

P.S. We are offering incredible package pricing on our Signature Series Elk Calls and DVDs! 
Click Here for our Elk Call Page!

Ordering is quick and easy. Check out with your Credit Card or Paypal. Free Shipping on orders of $9.95 or more!
All orders shipped via USPS. Free Shipping does not apply to foreign orders.

Extreme Bulls 8
New DVD Release by Chappell Hunting Productions!

The rut is the magical time of the year that we all dream about and look forward to each year.  There's no better place to be in the fall than the woods of Northern Arizona when the big bulls are in the rut!
Join us for up close archery and rifle hunts as we call in bull after bull and share experiences that won't soon be forgotten! Professional HD footage shot over-the-shoulder putting you right in the middle of the hunts!

Featuring the Steve Chappell Signature Series Elk Calls.  As always- Nothing Staged & Nothing Recreated!

100 Minutes of Exciting, Bugling Action!
$16.95 & Free Shipping  (See the highlight clip on our Home Page!)

Arizona Application Strategies- Mastering the Draw
New DVD Release by Chappell Hunting Productions!

The Arizona Draw can be complicated and a mystery to most people.  The draw actually makes complete sense if you unlock the keys to fully understanding how it works!
On this DVD, Steve Chappell explains everything you need to know to master the draw in layman's terms with clear examples. Topics covered include: How each phase of the draw works specifically with examples, Proven strategies on how to apply wisely and not waste your choices, How to avoid making common & costly mistakes, The potential for a change in the draw and how to deal with this change.
This 65 minute DVD is loaded with valuable information for both the resident and non-resident hunter!

As a Bonus- 2 Brand New, Awesome Arizona Elk hunts are included to tie it all together!

If you have never owned a DVD- this should be the ONE that you do! For around 25% of the price of a tank of fuel for your hunting truck, you can thoroughly understand Arizona's draw and use this knowledge to your advantage!  Don't be in the dark or guessing any longer about how the draw works- Master it Forever!



DVD Release by Chappell Hunting Productions!

The Rutting Elk Action you've been waiting for is here! Share our passion for hunting elk during the peak bugling season in Arizona, Colorado, & New Mexico!  This DVD contains REAL up close call ins featuring the Estrus Scream and Excited Cow Call.  You've got to see how the bulls react to these calls to believe it!  Nothing staged, nothing recreated.  
Featuring the New Steve Chappell Signature Series Elk Calls. Exciting, Over the Shoulder professional footage!  Over 2 hours of Archery, Rifle, & Muzzle Loader Hunts!

As a bonus see Steve's infamous archery hunt in Arizona that blew up the internet and has an incredible ending!  You don't want to miss it!
Click Here to view the Highlight Clip!

$14.95 Includes Free Shipping! 

Extreme Bulls Bugling Bundle- 7 DVD's for one LOW, Box Set Price!


Order all 7 Extreme Bulls DVD's (EB 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and NEW 8!) at one low price and save $$$'s!  Here's your chance to get cranked up and ready for this falls elk hunt!  What better way to dream about September in the high country than to experience up close bugling elk hunting with the Extreme Team?!  Grab your elk calls, pop some pop-corn and get ready to be entertained for hours!  This is big time action on the big screen with beautiful picture & sound quality.  You won't find it on You Tube!  On DVD only.

$85.95- Special Box Set Bundle Price, Includes NEW Extreme Bulls 8!

Rut hunts from Arizona, Colorado & New Mexico!  Archery, Rifle, & Muzzleloader action.  Many bulls are called up bugling to within feet of the camera!
Features a NEW Excited Hot Cow Sound that brings the bulls in hard, & screaming!  See it in action!
As always the hunts are videoed "Over the Shoulder" taking you right into the middle of the action.  See the hunts unfold as they really happened- through the eyes of the hunter!

13 Hunts- 2 1/2 Hours of Intense, Up Close, EXTREME Screamin' Bull Action! On DVD only.
Click here to view the Trailer Clip! 

$14.95- Includes Free Shipping! 
(Does not apply to overseas orders)


Calling bulls in close is what makes elk hunting in the mountains of the West so memorable. This year was especially spectacular and the bulls did not disappoint! If you like Giant bulls, heavy bugling, and quality, up close "Real" Hunting footage then you're sure to Love this DVD! Get ready for The Rut & EXTREME BULLS Bugling in your Face!
This DVD features incredible footage of a cow elk in heat making the "Estrus Scream" call at 10 yards.  She attracts two mature bulls that come in and fight for her on camera!

2 hours of Incredible, Action-packed Elk Hunting!  On DVD only.

Click Here to view the Highlight Clip!

$12.95- Reduced Price & Free Shipping!

Presented by Chappell Hunting Productions. Fifteen over-the-shoulder big bull hunts! Featuring Rut Hunts for The Famous Bulls of Arizona!  Also included are hunts from New Mexico & Colorado.  This DVD is loaded front to back with incredible up close and personal footage of bulls being called in during hunting situations!

95 minutes of Action!  On DVD only.

$12.95- Free Shipping! 

Presented by Chappell Hunting Productions. Featuring the huge bulls of Arizona up close and personal. Fourteen over-the-shoulder archery and rifle rut hunts!  Join us for all the majesty of the fall rut.  We show you all the great and not so great shots!  This DVD features what many consider to be the best rifle hunt of all time- a big 6x6 called in and slam dunked at close range.  You don't want to miss this and many other exciting archery & rifle elk hunts!

75 Minutes of Extreme Action!  On DVD only. 

$12.95- Free Shipping!

Presented by Chappell Hunting Productions. Rut Hunting For Extreme Arizona Bulls. Sixteen rut hunts and live estrus call-ins from Arizona and Colorado! For an elk hunter there is nothing like the magic of fall in the mountains. Crisp mornings filled with the sounds of nature and the primal screams of bull elk create defining moments in our hearts and minds. We invite you to come along with us and experience elk hunts up close. See why Arizona has the reputation of producing giant bull elk! If a giant 426-inch 7x7 bull elk at 15 steps doesn't get your adrenealine pumping, you'll need to have your pulse checked. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. 100 minutes of action, on DVD only.

$12.95- Free Shipping!

Follow along with the Chappell Hunting Productions Extreme Team as we take on the supreme hunting challenge in the West. Whether you are a hard core Coues Deer fanatic or just dream about one day pursuing the High Desert Gray Ghost, this video is sure to fascinate and entertain you! Join us for fast paced, action-packed hunts featuring Huge Bucks, Explicit Kill Shots, and Vapor Trails Galore! The scenery is breathtaking, the shots are unforgettable, and the bucks are EXTREME! This DVD features a 130" Arizona monster harvested at 250 yards! 55 minutes of extreme adrenaline, on DVD only.


Springtime is finally here! The Mountains are alive with beautiful new growth and the Big Merriam's Gobblers are Thundering! This DVD has it all; First time Turkey Hunters, Youth Hunters, Lady Hunters, Gun & Archery Hunts! So join us for fast paced, run & gun hunts all on Public Land. No "field turkeys" here! You won't want to miss all the action and fun of chasing Gobblers "Western Style" in the Springtime.


Presented by Chappell Hunting Productions. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to draw an elk tag that you have always dreamed about or go on the elk hunt of a lifetime? Well, imagine no more! We'll take you along with us to the woods of Northern Arizona and Southern Colorado to experience trophy elk hunting during the rut. Witness what it's like to have a coveted Arizona elk tag during the archery and early rifle hunts. From the Pinion Juniper and Ponderosa Pine country of Arizona to the golden Aspens of the fall high country there is no better place to be when the morning air is cool and crisp and the bulls are bugling! Whether you are an archer, rifle or muzzleload hunter find out why elk country and elk hunting holds a special place in our hearts.


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